Project Water Well

Donation Goal For This Project is €32,000
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This is one of our projects at Project Humanity. Thousands of people in Sudan are suffering from many types of diseases by drinking dirty water. Please support us by donating so we can build a Water Well and help the ones in need.

With your support, Project Humanity e.V. is planning to start “Project Water Well”. We are looking to build a Water Well located in a poor area in Sudan. It will be surrounded by three villages with a population of 1500 people (700 children), a school, kindergarden, a church and a mosque.

Our aim is to support the residents by providing clean drinking water and stop the spread of many type of diseases.

The Water Well will be 120 meters deep. A pump sucks and stores the filtered water in a container overground, allowing anyone to access and drink from it. Once the Water Well has been built, there will be no running costs.

This project is critical due to the constant hot weather in Africa, so please support us as good as you can.

Thank you for your support, God bless.